Beats by Dre Retail Experience

Get the Most Out of Your Music

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Beats by Dre’s premium consumer headphones, earphones, and speakers let music lovers worldwide experience the energy, emotion, and excitement of playback in the recording studio.

To put the full range of Beats by Dre products right at shoppers’ fingertips, we created the interactive retail experience for the audio brand. The touch screen kiosks launched at Best Buy stores across the country during the holiday shopping season.

Taking Sound Seriously

To understand the quality of Beats headphones, people need the chance to really feel the bass and hear every detail of the music. We designed the retail touch screens to include a library of tracks for people to listen to a range of sounds and music using Beats technology.

We wanted Beats by Dre to stand out in a busy Best Buy environment, so the retail display includes an ultra-wide cinematic screen that plays dynamic video across the top of the display to draw the attention of shoppers.

Amping Up the Experience

From Beats Solo3 Wireless to Beats Pro, shoppers can compare the features of different headphones using the touch screen. We included 3D models for shoppers to see each Beats headphone, earphone, and speaker in every available color. Unboxing features let you see all the items that come with the purchase while building excitement for when you open your Beats for the first time.

Designed for Sound, Tuned for Emotion

There’s more to Beats by Dre than just headphones—the products make you feel like you’re a part of something bigger. We made sure to translate that feeling to the touch screen. Videos and photos of “Beats Army” athletes, musicians, and celebrities bring people into the Beats culture. New content is pushed to the touch screens remotely to keep the experience fresh.