All Are Welcome Here

EDC Logo

Electric Daisy Carnival, simply known as EDC, is the largest electronic music festival in the world, held in different places globally including the U.S. (Las Vegas and Orlando), Mexico, Japan, and China. As Insomniac’s flagship festival, it represents the brand’s dedication to take risks, be creative, and curate the best in EDM culture to bring unforgettable experiences to everyone.

Partnering with Insomniac, we developed a digital strategy and created a new digital platform including the EDC website redesign.

Under the Electric Sky

For those who have never been to EDC, we wanted the website to provide a glimpse into the multi-sensory festival experience. For people who are already fans, we wanted them to be able to relive the festivals from a new angle. We came up with the concept of serving up micro-moments—hundreds of photos, videos, and interactives—so that every visit would be different.

Experience Stream

With Millennials and Gen Z as the target audience, we designed the Experience Stream to be a mobile site without requiring someone to download an app. Simply tap on the right and left sides of the screen to go forward or back, or turn on autoplay to play a continuous feed. Users can immediately interact with over 1,000 micro-moments that showcase the EDC stages, artists, Headliners, art, and rides. There are also playful ways to engage through interactive fireworks, lasers, a drum pad, and 360° panoramas.

Uniquely Curated

To make every visit to the website different, we developed an algorithm that dynamically curates a balanced mix of content types in the Experience Stream. So whether people spend one minute or one hour on the site, there are always new surprises and discoveries. We also created and integrated a music player with a visualizer that responds to the beat of the music. It plays a curated EDC playlist, immersing visitors in the audio-visual world of the festival.