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The Analog Research Laboratory encourages creativity, innovation, openness, and connectivity within the Facebook community through art and design. It is a creative art and printmaking studio located on the Facebook campus with numerous outposts throughout the world. The Analog Lab embraces unique and outside voices to bring new perspectives that make people stop and think.

We directed a series of films for the Analog Lab’s Designer in Residence and Artist in Residence programs to share their process and stories.

Designer in Residence

The doors of the Analog Lab are open to all employees, but also to practicing designers, illustrators, and printmakers outside of Facebook through the Designer in Residence program. Select designers are invited to develop inspiring or provocative projects that reflect on cultural values and new points of view as a path to understanding, empathy, and truth. This film series won a Communication Arts Design Annual award and was featured in the magazine internationally.

San Francisco Illustrator Monica Garwood began screen printing for the first time during her residency, creating a series of prints exploring technology and community support.

Bay Area artist Joseph Alessio brought his typography-centric approach to Facebook, designing prints as well as an acrylic installation that considers the dualities and dichotomies that exist within the tech industry.

Oakland Editorial Illustrator Alex Bowman used the opportunity of working in a physical space to explore her visions of bodies taking up space. She was inspired by acrylic materials to craft a piece that would constantly move and change.

Pittsburgh-based Designer Kyuha Shim used the parameters of computation and code to work with the familiar imagery of Facebook emojis in unexpected ways.

Artist in Residence

The Artist in Residence program invites artists to experiment and create large-scale artworks that express their personal stories and perspectives in all of Facebook’s global spaces. The goal is for artists to explore the possibilities and ask questions about how we create things within our spaces and how we can influence the greater world around us. Artists are an integral part of a healthy community and their works inspire creativity, persistence, and conversation.

Philippines-based artist collective Fruitjuice Factori Studio enlisted the help of the local Facebook community to build “Wing,” an epic large-scale installation referencing the wing of an airplane. It features hundreds of reused cardboard artworks, exploring the meaning of home, memory, and diaspora.

Detroit-based interdisciplinary artist Tiff Massey used her unique vision and her skills from an MFA in metalsmithing to craft a large scale quilt installation on the Facebook campus. It integrates codes, symbols, colors, and a reflective mirror finish to draw in and engage viewers.